The immediate attraction that links the project along the Badaling Highway are the number of Great Wall sightseeing locations, such as the Juyongguan Great Wall, Shuiguancheng Great Wall and the Badaling Great Wall. These sites, which also belong to the Changping district, are roughly 15 to 25 minutes drive further North from the Badaling Premier Outlet. The Great Wall, also known as one of Seven Wonders of the World, together with the Ming's Tomb attract close to 20 million visitors every year from the world over.

Such magnificent monuments, however, are not the only attractions the Changping district has to offer. Visitors to Beijing and Beijing citizens alike can find a plethora of attractions suited to their tastes.

For more active options, there are the Snow World Skiing Range, Beijing Olympic Rifle Range and the Ming's Tomb International Golf Club. For the health conscious, there are over a dozen picking gardens for the freshest organic fruits and vegetables. To enjoy a more relaxing weekend, there are numerous hot spring hotels neighboring various traditional villages where one can enjoy a more unique and healthy farm life dining experience. Dozens of heritage locations and museums are also available for the history lovers to soak in the Chinese culture of ancient Changping district.(1)

(1) Changping Tourism Website:

Changping Facts:
GDP per capita:RMB¥26,344(1)
Disposable Income:RMB¥12,830(2)
Retail Growth since 2011:17.5%(2)
(1)2011, End of Year Data: Chang Ping Bureau of Statistics
(2)2012, First to Second Quarter Data: Chang Ping Bureau of Statistics