Being one of the most traveled highways that goes in and out of Beijing city, the Badaling Highway is also one of the easiest to access from the 2nd ring to 6th ring road that surrounds the Beijing city. Once on the highway, customers need only follow the highway up north to find the easily accessible Badaling Premier Outlet. The Badaling Premier Outlet has prominent visibility from the highway, where drivers will be able to safely exit the highway thereafter via the nearby toll booth. Considering the larger traffic volume the project will generate in the future, the development team has also been working closely with the local authorities on the traffic master plan of the local area.

Our project partner Reignwood Group, has planned for 3 additional attractions neighboring the Badaling Premier Outlet. To the immediate North of the outlet will be the Red Bull Extreme Sports Park development funded by the global Red Bull Marketing initiative, where thrill seekers can enjoy activities such as indoor skydiving, go-karting, bungee jumping etc. Within the same facility, will also be an Aviation School where not only helicopter pilots can be trained, but also, an aerial Great Wall tour will be offered for the more affluent tourists to enjoy an unprecedented view of the Great Wall. Finally, to the South of the Badaling Premier Outlet, connected through an existing pedestrian sky bridge, is going to be a 5 star hot spring resort for an extravagant and relaxing stay over.

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Existing Toll Booth
Existing Sky Bridge
5 Star Hot spring Resort
Additional Toll Booth
Redbull Extreme Sports Park
Aviation School / Helicopter Ride